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Within the expansive network of 500 Global, a chorus of voices emerges, each echoing the unique experiences and perspectives of women shaping the future of VC.  We recognize Women’s History Month as an opportunity to amplify the voices of our community, driving forward a vision of a more equitable and impactful venture capital landscape.

“Women make up 51% of the world population and in many economies, control more than 80% of the family expenses - developing a business that caters to women's needs and empowers women to make the right decisions for herself and her family is just good business sense. Women are an incredible driving force for good in the world and empowering a woman is often empowering a family”
-Simona Agolini , CEO and Co-Founder, QiDZ

“As a tech startup founder, I've faced the common stereotype that the industry is reserved for men. A prominent angel investor once said, "I only invest in male founders or female entrepreneurs with male co-founders, as women struggle with stress and lack a big-picture perspective. The upside? Such encounters quickly reveal incompatible investors, saving valuable time. Aim higher and seek partnerships with forward-thinking venture capitalists who value potential over gender stereotypes.”
-Aidana Aituar, Founder and CEO, Porte Tech

“My growth journey in founding my own company has brought me priceless skills that include juggling responsibilities like a pro, and mastering the art of business casual with a whimsical twist, all the while proving that having fun and making the most of our time at work is what will be and continue to be the key to QuickShipper's success. I'm proud of what we've achieved and excited to keep growing QuickShipper into a success story coming out of Georgia!” 
-Mariam Akhvlediani, Co-Founder & CEO, QuickShipper

“Participating in 500 Global's Women's History Month Campaign is not just an honor; it feels like coming home. It's about spotlighting the unsung heroes of African innovation—our female entrepreneurs. Africa's pulse beats with the rhythm of these women's ambitions, but sadly, their brilliance isn't echoed in the support they receive. Last year, only 2.3% of startup funding found its way to solo female founders. That's not just numbers; it's stories untold, opportunities unseized. As an investor, my passion goes beyond transactions; it's about transformation. Investing in women isn't a strategy; it's a statement. We're not just funding businesses but fuelling a movement towards a fairer, more flourishing future. Here's to changing the narrative, one investment at a time.”
-Biola Alabi, General Partner, Acasia Ventures

“Today, let’s celebrate women’s inner light, a gift from nature’s wisdom. Realizing our creative power, we need not mimic men but carve out our unique paths in leadership, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of dreams in our own unique ways. On this commemorative month, let’s reflect on our true desires and take action to make them a reality! Like nature, let’s embrace our ability to be reborn and flourish whenever we wish, with an authentic and original vision. Much gratitude to all the women who came before us.” 
-Fernanda Aldrette, CEO, Databits

“Looking ahead to the next decade, it's crucial to acknowledge emerging trends for women in our local human capital. With a young and growing population eager to embrace new technologies, combined with its deep-rooted entrepreneurial tradition predating the oil era, Saudi Arabia holds a distinctive advantage. As women ascend as business leaders, asset managers, consumers, and founders, understanding gender dynamics in entrepreneurship unveils specific needs for tailored support. This includes addressing unique challenges female founders encounter and offering customized capacity building. Additionally, early financial literacy and business education, contextualized culturally, empower young women to excel as resilient and impact driven future leaders.” 
-Athary Almubarak, Chief Strategy Officer, SVC.

“In Saudi Arabia, where 50% of college graduates have been women for the past 30 years, I take pride in witnessing women ascend to leadership roles and actively participate in business and investment. Female education has always been a priority, and today, we see widespread adoption of female leadership across diverse industries, including entrepreneurship and investment. These strides reflect transformative reforms and the unwavering determination of Saudi women to shape their own destinies.Supporting one another isn’t just noble; it’s a powerful force for change.”
-Sarah Almubarak, Head of Sector Development, Sanabil Investments

“The greatest gift I received from my parents is the power to lead with integrity and consistency. It's the legacy I leave my son and that's why I strive daily to challenge cultural norms, especially in a country like Mexico, and advocate for gender equality. Every interaction is an opportunity to walk the talk, inspire and contribute to a wave of transformation. A sustainable world needs women in the frontlines, and I am committed to doing my part.”
-Andrea Amozurrutia, Head of Finance & Sustainability, Grupo Herdez

“The key to resilience is to be humble enough to accept having flaws and weaknesses, to take all learnings and overcome your weaknesses and turn them into strong points. I know that this is a life-time ongoing learning process. Let’s pass this on to the next generations.” 
-Doaa Aref, Founder & CEO, Chefaa

“Women's rights require lifelong vigilance' My hope is for us to venture together into new realms, to humanize our environments, and to build from our collective diversity, not through percentages but from our own narratives. Let's exercise a Gymnasium of perspectives, but not so that there is only one perspective, but so that everyone can find their own.” 
-Paulina Arreola, Ecosystem Enabler and Investor

“As Founders and Investors, it is our responsibility to use our influence to level the societal playing field. Our everyday decisions - from the language we use to how we run our companies, to the actions we take and even the ones we don’t - will ultimately shape the world of future generations. It’s far too easy to accept the status quo, but to be complacent is to be complicit. So I ask you this, what do you want your legacy to be and how will your choices change the world?”
-Emily Basileo, Startup Advisor & Fractional COO

“As female co-founders, we strongly believe that the unique experiences and perspectives we bring to the table are invaluable assets in the business world. Balancing work with motherhood has taught us the importance of prioritization, time management, and resilience. These skills have proven to be crucial in building and growing our company. Moreover, our collaborative approach, combined with empathy and intuition, enables us to foster a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. As female co-founders, we embrace our shared journey and offer a different kind of leadership. This sets us apart and contributes to our success.’ 
- Natalia Bout & Olesia Alexandrova, Co-Founders, iDialogue

“Growing up, girls are often taught to "not show off," a lesson I carried into my early entrepreneurship days, focusing solely on the work. Everything changed when, after speaking at an event, a young college girl approached me. Her words, "Thanks for sharing, now I know it's also possible for me to found a startup out of college," struck a chord. It was a revelation: staying silent was a disservice to us all. Sharing our stories, triumphs, and learnings is crucial. We must empower each other as women, lighting the path forward together.” 
-Christina Cai, Co-founder and COO at Lydia.AI

“As the CEO of ShearShare, I am acutely aware of the transformative power that diversity brings to the business landscape. As a Black woman, I've harnessed the strength derived from overcoming societal barriers; embracing gender, sexuality, and race as integral components of our startup DNA has been pivotal in shaping ShearShare's success. My journey also underscores the importance of challenging traditional norms in the beauty and tech sectors. By fostering an inclusive culture, we tap into a rich tapestry of perspectives, driving innovation and unlocking the community's potential. Women, regardless of their background, possess unique insights that fuel our growth. Recognizing the significance of diversity isn't just a moral imperative—it's a strategic advantage. As we celebrate Women's History Month, let us champion businesses that invest in the mosaic of humanity, harnessing its collective power to create a brighter future for all.”
-Courtney Caldwell, Cofounder & CEO, ShearShare

“This Women’s History Month, I want to shine a light on what’s been ignored and devalued for too long, because it’s viewed as “women’s work”—caregiving. 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day and will need senior care; 2/3 of American children rely on child care, because both their parents or their sole parent are in the workforce. It’s clear that care is, to quote Aijen Poo, “the work that makes all other work possible.” I’m proud to be building in the care space, because care is fundamental to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Care is what makes us human, and care is the future of work.
-Siran Cao, CEO & Founder, Mirza

“My personal journey in venture capital is a tapestry woven with resilience, enthusiasm and self-discovery. Empowering underserved and underrepresented founders isn’t just a concept for me, but a conscious practice while evaluating investment opportunities. In our latest Southeast Asia fund, we’ve backed 20 female founders and 26 companies whose missions focus on ensuring food security, promoting financial literacy, and providing access to education and better employment opportunities. While these companies are still in their early stages, they have strengthened my belief that by providing these opportunities we build toward a more inclusive and sustainable society for all.” 
-Amanda Cham, Associate Director, Investments, 500 Global

“As a female founder in the sports industry, my journey has been both challenging and rewarding. Despite facing obstacles and gender biases, I've remained determined to make my mark in a traditionally male-dominated field. Through hard work, perseverance, and a passion for sports, I've been able to break barriers in sports entrepreneurship. While there have been moments of doubt and frustration, the support and encouragement from fellow female founders and investors have fueled my drive to succeed. Being a trailblazer in this industry has allowed me to not only create innovative products and services but also to inspire future generations of women to pursue their dreams in sports.”
-Shirley Chen, Co-Founder & CEO, Preciser

“With women at the CEO and CIO level, diversity is a core value at IDB Lab. Having started as an intern in 2007 at the first venture capital fund in Uruguay, which had IDB Lab as an anchor investor, I believe in the importance of empowering diverse voices in the venture industry. To continue doing so, IDB Lab is launching a Diversity in VC Program, with an intersectional perspective in diversity, equity, and inclusion, for fund managers in Latin America and the Caribbean.” 
-Magdalena Coronel, CIO, IDB Lab

“Growing up as a young woman in Senegal, the greatest gift that was offered to me was the one of agency. The belief in agency exhibited by thousands of women entrepreneurs in Senegal who are the backbone of our economy and who have built the SMEs foundation of our country in various sectors like trade, commerce, agriculture etc. This belief in the power of agency is the one that drives the motivation of several African women like myself in our ability and duty to continue opening the path to younger generations of African women to come"
-Mareme Dieng, Lead Africa, 500 Global

“In the world of venture capital, diversity isn't just a buzzword—it's the key to unlocking innovation and driving real change. I've seen firsthand the transformative power of investing in underrepresented founders and overlooked markets. Every dollar invested is a vote for a more inclusive future, where talent knows no boundaries. Let's rewrite the narrative of entrepreneurship, one investment at a time.” 
-Amal Dokhan, General Partner, MENA, 500 Global

“The balancing act that is a professional woman’s life is never easy. While it took me time to build the confidence to ask for help when I needed it - through those expressions of vulnerability I was fortunate to find a wonderful community of mentors and peers who have stood by me at every stage of personal and professional development. There have been so many ups and downs in my life and career but having a support system has given me the strength to face it all.” 
-Brinda Dutta, General Counsel, 500 Global

“A mentor once told me, it's important to re-pot yourself. It has been the most valuable advice in shaping my career. Having worked in public institutions, private sector companies and as an investor across asset classes, I've learned to take my leanings in one environment to seed growth and learning in new soil. It's how I thrive. The curiosity is always there but most importantly, working with diverse teams in varying contexts nurtured my empathy and ability to bridge gaps across the globe.” 
-Amal Enan, Partner, Egypt, 500 Global

“I still find it quite difficult to earn recognition in our field as a woman. Unfortunately, we often have to deal with stereotypes and mistrust, especially in our region. But I believe that it is impossible to fail if you constantly work on self-development, put skin in the game and find the right companions along the way. Read, grow, develop, find your own way to feel confident in every step specifically, and in life in general. You shouldn't rely on anyone.”
-Marie Giorgobiani, Co-founder & COO, Arena Games

“In a world where only 2% of VC funding goes to women, my journey as a Turkish woman who started building at a young age in companies like OpenSea, Robinhood, and Celo, and then founding Kalder, was full of obstacles. I often hear, I laugh too much, was too young or too ”Green.” But, having supportive investors, mentors, fellow founders, ex-colleagues kept me going. They showed me how important Kalder's mission was. Now, providing interactive loyalty and fan engagement solutions to big names like Gentle Monster, BSCYB, Godiva, and many more.. We’re proud to be pushing our dream to redefine loyalty. It shows that with the right support, anyone can overcome barriers and make an impact. And Kalder is committed to building the same mentorship and team environments to foster growth for our teammates.” 
-Gotke Guven, CEO & Founder. Kalder

“My experiences as a mother and a founder have profoundly shaped each other. The most obvious is that becoming a mom led me to create Babylist. But there are so many other parallels. Even after 13 years, my role as a CEO shifts constantly as the business and my team require something different from me each year. Similarly, my role as a mom is nothing like it was just a few years ago. And who hasn't felt like a failure at some point in motherhood? I've also had plenty of failures as an entrepreneur, but each of those failures had a direct impact on my successes. Mom entrepreneurs are so often underestimated. But as I've navigated these two very unique roles, I can't think of a group of people who better understand what it takes to succeed.” 
-Natalie Gordon, Founder & CEO, Babylist

“I grew up in search of which Disney princess truly represents me. At first I thought I was Mulan, anything a boy can do I could do as well. After I immigrated to the US, I thought of myself more as a Moana. I can independently survive away from home. Someone at Knight-Hennessy Scholars saw a video of an engineer teaching them Egyptian hand gestures, took a chance to listen to my story & changed my life. During my time at Stanford GSB, however, I started to realize that I don't relate to any of these characters anymore. I don't feel represented. I found my solace in the mentorship and allyship I found in groups like Women In Management among many others. For an Arab Muslim Female founder in the Bay Area, the world can feel a bit foreign. I realize however, being here is a huge opportunity and platform to amplify the voices of many others. Just like my mother, my former manager and many other women were role models for me, part of my mission is ensuring girls growing up like me feel represented and seen. They should grow up to learn they can slay their own dragons.”
-Radwa Hamed, Co-Founder & CPO/CTO, Nookly

“The diversity of our company — reflected by our team members and the customers that we serve — is our superpower! I'm proud to lead a company that is building and celebrating an inclusive future.In my own journey, I have benefitted so much from the incredible mentorship of 500 Global, as well as our investors and other founders in my network. Their mentorship has helped me learn that in order to be successful, I don't have to be someone else with a different identity — I just have to be the best version of my unique self.”
-Alexis Hope, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, focused

"In my journey, I've seen how mentorship and partnerships uplift Malaysian women, giving strength to their voices and challenging oppressive norms. Together, we overcome obstacles, paving the way for a more inclusive future. With a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we spark change, inspired by those who came before us. As a leader, I embrace the diversity, allowing gender, sexuality, and race to shape our investments, fostering innovation and inclusive prosperity for Malaysians.” 
-Noor Amy Ismail, COO, Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad

“A month after founding Miri, I went to a meeting with a woman in her 60’s who was a Fortune 500 health tech executive. She told me to dye my hair brown because my blonde hair looked too much like Elizabeth Holmes and to get a male CEO. Insanity! In retrospect, she probably had a very difficult time as a woman in her career and was trying to impart wisdom. What I learned is that the biggest impact we can have together is by co-creating the future we want to live in. Playing by old world rules is looking in the past, and to be truly successful you bring people on board to your vision of the future as you see it.”
-Amy Kelly, Founder, Miri

“Partnerships and collaboration are at the core of my work and life. Arriving in Alberta after decades in Texas and the United Kingdom, the value of strong and supportive networks for women entrepreneurs and leaders cannot be overstated. I know that from my days as the first female venture capitalist in Austin. Opportunities for women today are more diverse and innovation is the great equalizer. You can come from nowhere and build high trust networks that span the globe. Utilize technology and innovation in seamless ways, and you will be very successful in achieving your goals short and long term.” 
-Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates

“Few firms worldwide have over 35% female leadership—a significant inspiration for me personally as I pursue a career in venture capital. While female representation in VC leadership is still limited, the global expansion of 500 Global fills me with excitement for increased collaboration with female leaders.”
-Min Kim, General Partner, 500 Global, Korea

“I ethically hacked the US government, and giants like Uber, Yahoo, as well as many others, breaking more than the tech world's glass ceiling. Using my cybersecurity expertise and engineering background, I co-founded Vidoc to make software safer from AI threats - and set my sights to Silicon Valley. My journey, from navigating industry biases to hacking my way to business by founding a cybersecurity company, or being recognized as Businesswomen of The Year finalist was possible because of all the inspiring female leaders I met along the way. Fortunate to work with incredible women, this experience showcases not just resilience but our collective strength and the undeniable impact of women's power in the tech industry.” 
-Klaudia Kloc, Co-Founder and CEO, Vidoc Security Lab

“The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving," said Gloria Steinem, a sentiment that propels Blisko. Raised in a restrictive gender environment in post-Soviet Poland, I learned to embrace my strength. My global travels revealed the realities of inequality and injustice. At Blisko, we empower female entrepreneurs to cultivate early education spaces, teaching children empathy, kindness, and global awareness, thus creating a ripple effect for societal change, shaping a more equitable and inclusive world.”
-Aleksandra Kozera, CEO & Founder, The Village Network & Blisko

“With our empowerment, we carry the responsibility to lead in all our femininity.Including the greater good for all, prioritizing collaboration, compassion, and honoring human and natural cycles are not only inherent to our feminine nature but also essential for creating a better world. Both heart and mind need to sit at the table.” 
-Itzel Lerma, Founder,

"What if I fail?" "Oh, but what if you fly?" Imagine a future generation of girls who whacks imposter syndrome with confidence and courage; Who no longer have to learn to adapt, just to survive in a male dominated industry. Imagine a generation of young women who can't fathom not being a CEO or leader, because they grew up seeing remarkable female entrepreneurs and leaders around them. Let's keep making a big deal out of investing in women, because it sets the wheels in motion and creates a flywheel effect for our young girls. May they be inspired to pursue pathways they may not have thought are attainable.”
-Ee Ling Lim, Executive Director of Market Launch, 500 Global

“I owe a lot of who I am today to mentors, allies, managers and colleagues both male and female who shared wisdom, supported me and pushed me to be bigger and live and work outside of my preconceived boundaries. A big hope of mine is to continue to be that mentor or ally to the next generation of women in leadership.”
- Rebecca Lundquist, Sr Director People Operations, 500 Global

“While historically lacking diversity in several aspects, the VC ecosystem's resilience is rooted in the determination of its people to foster change.
My personal commitment is to embody that powerful word, change I envision for entrepreneurs, in my daily actions, it's incumbent upon me, but really, all of us, to reciprocate with diligence and proactive engagement the lack of parity we see upon the world. Let's not settle for empty rhetoric of "it's just the way it is"; let's work daily to be the change we want to see.” 
-Damaris Mendoza Loera, Partner Latam, 500 Global

“For Women’s History Month, let’s celebrate the power of collaboration and support among women. While films often depict women in competition, my experience in business and entrepreneurship has been vastly different. Collaborating with remarkable women has shown me the strength of allyship; we uplift each other in rooms full of opportunities. From overcoming obstacles to mentorship, it's evident: when women support each other, incredible things happen. Let's continue to champion one another, recognising that our collective success propels us all forward. Supporting and empowering each other isn't just beneficial; it's essential for progress and building a more inclusive future.”
-Khiara Mia, Co-founder, Meals in Minutes

“In founding Immigram, my path as a female entrepreneur shaped a vision where inclusivity drives innovation. Facing industry biases, I saw firsthand the value of a diverse workforce in sparking creativity and problem-solving. Immigram is the embodiment of that vision, offering a space where the merit of one's work overshadows their background. We simplify the immigration process for tech professionals, democratizing access to global opportunities through an AI-driven approach that makes relocation smoother and more accessible. By streamlining legal hurdles and offering ongoing support, Immigram champions a diverse, innovative workforce, proving that when we embrace diversity, we advance together towards a more inclusive future”
-Anastasia Mirolyubova, Co-Founder & CEO, Immigram

“Throughout history, women worldwide have persistently pursued extraordinary successes in their respective fields while simultaneously fulfilling familial responsibilities. This has been achieved with much resilience, tenacity, and determination. At KWAP, we recognise the pivotal role women play in organisational decisions, both strategically and operationally. KWAP offers equal opportunities – fostering career growth and gender inclusivity for the benefit of creating a civil or Madani society. I am passionate about seeing more women in positions of influence, firmly believing that our collective efforts can catalyse further progress of our nation. In embracing my own professional path, I acknowledge the challenges that women face in navigating the corporate landscape while fulfilling the expectations of society on our multiple roles. I strongly urge the whole of society to support the advancement of high calibre women in your sphere.” 
- Datuk Hajah Nik Amlizan Mohamed, CEO of Kumpulan Wang -Persaraan (Diperbadankan) [KWAP].

“I am inspired by friends like Mansi Gupta, courageously tackling systemic change. Tired of living in a world designed for men, Mansi is developing a practical framework to guide companies, communities, and teams in incorporating a women-centric lens across their products, services, and systems. Mansi's dedication and drive encourages me every day to work towards a future where women's needs are met and valued.” 
-Marwa Muhammad, Founder, Nokshi

“As the founder of a sexual wellness company dedicated to addressing the taboo surrounding female sexuality, I frequently encounter criticism for my work and become a target of misogynistic online harassment. Initially, these experiences were deeply traumatic for me, but witnessing other women stand up for us provided the strength and encouragement to continue moving forward. When you see people attacking what you do, you know you are disrupting the industry.
When you see people defending you on your behalf, you know you are making a change.
-Jiwon Park, Founder & CEO, SAIB & Co.

“If we want to see more than 2% of venture capital invested into female founded startups—we must see more women as Limited Partners investing in funds, more female investors and team members throughout the entire venture capital value chain.”
-Courtney Powell, COO & Managing Partner, 500 Global

“Comfort zones are not permanent. Comfort zones are zones where you lose your compass in life. Exploring new things teaches us how to assess risk and allows us to discover new things about ourselves and that takes courage. Embrace that!” 
-Dr. Rasha Rady, co-founder & COO, Chefaa

“When I see the lack of investment in women’s health worldwide, that in the USA women pay USD15B more out of pocket than men, it’s a clear signal that there is a lack of investment in tech serving women and that this represents a huge opportunity for investors . I want to see more tech serving the needs of women and for me that means investing in women. I am investing to drive a change in the narrative so as a society we can to see women as creators of wealth and value rather than as perpetual beneficiaries.”
-Anna Raptis, Founder & CEO, Amplifica Capital

“From early on in my career as a researcher, I understood the challenges of bringing technology from lab to market. I wanted to empower voices in science and technology; voices of enterprising researchers who dream of a better world for the people and planet. Thus, Qarbotech was born, and our core values based on EDI are evident from the day I on-boarded my highly talented co-founder of different race and gender. Breaking barriers in nanotechnology for underrepresented farmers, Qarbotech’s journey emphasizes the synergy between innovation and inclusivity.”
-Prof. Dr. Suraya Abdul Rashid, Chief Scientist

“Navigating my journey with resilience, I conquered obstacles, guided by mentors and driven by personal growth. Empowered by inspiring women, I made the bold move from a thriving lifestyle business to founding Revie. Starting something new, presented unexpected challenges as a second-time founder and once again battling imposter syndrome, yet armed with experience and thick skin to build something even greater.”
-Renata Raya, Revie, Co-Founder and CEO

“Eight years ago, I hosted a conference with Yibing Mao (President, Greater China, Marriott International) in Asia Pacific daring women to be bold and take action. “Dare, Define, Do” was the theme. One of our panels contemplated the barriers of becoming a female General Manager...”Am I good enough? Do I have the skill set? Will my owner support me? Can I balance work and family?” As I visited Macau this month for our Greater China General Manager’s meeting, I was so inspired to find 150+ female General Managers leading the way and breaking these barriers, supported by the women and men around them. I am proud to work in a place where our Women Dare to Be!” 
-Peggy Roe, EVP & Chief Customer Officer, Marriott International

"As we commemorate International Women's Day, let's ignite a collective call to action for all individuals, regardless of gender. To my fellow women entrepreneurs: Your dreams are valid, your voice is powerful. Together, let’s break barriers and pave the way for equality in every sector. But we cannot do it alone. We need allies—men and women alike—to champion change. Let's challenge biases, dismantle stereotypes, and create inclusive social and professional environments where every woman thrives. Let's unite in our pursuit of a world where opportunities know no gender.’
-Pilar Sánchez - Co-founder & CMO, Avify

“Being one of the first female venture capitalists in Thailand had totally changed my life. At first, I jumped into this world only wanting to learn from the best people and help the entrepreneurs. Along the way, I started to slowly realize the impact I've made beyond making investments -- without knowing, I inspired the younger generation, especially females to want to become a tech investor in the future. This gives me the power to wake up and do my job every day!”
-Mameaw Sapprasert, Partner Thailand, 500 Global

“We started Uteach during COVID times, where one of our founding principles was to break down the barriers to education and open up possibilities for anyone to acquire new skills wherever they are. The journey in founding Uteach was riddled with challenges, yet fueled by a profound purpose. Uteach now enables educators, course creators, online instructors, coaches, trainers, and training centers to manage their educational business effectively, mitigating the challenges these educators face when delivering their expertise. What our team has built has now made online education accessible in less developed countries across various languages and empowers both education seekers and educators. We firmly believe that everyone has knowledge to share with others and our team works hard to make it possible.”
-Shushan Shahbazyan,Co-Founder and COO,  Uteach

“Working in a traditionally male dominated industry of waste management, I have kept noticing a trend of more women voluntarily jumping into this industry and offering solutions and perspectives so refreshing and game changing. At Dimension, we work with 6000+ providers nationwide. Quite a few of our top providers are businesses led by females. These companies are memorable because they offer innovative solutions often rarely tried by other companies that are centered around sharing, upcycling, and reusing” 
-Lily Shen, Founder & CEO, Dimension Waste Management

“In the world of venture capital, diversity isn't just a buzzword—it's the key to unlocking innovation and driving real change. I've seen firsthand the transformative power of investing in underrepresented founders and overlooked markets. Every dollar invested is a vote for a more inclusive future, where talent knows no boundaries. Let's rewrite the narrative of entrepreneurship, one investment at a time.”
-Pocket Sun, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, SoGal Ventures

“Over 35% of the 1,000+ participants in our VC Unlocked programs have been women. I’ve been running these programs since 2016, and I'm proud to say that that percentage has been consistent across all of our courses globally, from San Francisco to Riyadh. I’m confident that over time this will contribute to reducing the gender gap in the VC industry. More and better trained female GPs will translate into more funding for female entrepreneurs.” 
-Paulina Szyrmer, Global Head of Education (VC Unlocked programs), 500 Global

“The global gender ratio is approaching parity within our lifetime. Facilitating and accelerating the active participation of women in commerce, society and government remains critical in ensuring that decisions and norms shaping our future are meeting our needs as a whole. When needs are met, economic and societal prosperity will follow, creating momentum for even more opportunities and development.”
-Mei Chel Tan, Partner, 500 Global

“I am a female founder of a CPG brand in the baby industry. CPG businesses were once seen as unsexy but now are centre-stage as investors resort to betting on proper business fundamentals. Rejections have taught me to bootstrap and build a highly sustainable and profitable business today. Female entrepreneurs also face significant barriers to achieving their full potential. We need more female led or female entrepreneur funds to invest in women or startups serving women consumers. In the past, I have faced male investors telling me what to do in a baby industry. We need more inclusive or even women specific platforms for women founders to be heard. This will inspire other women to start businesses and helps reduce inequality in the startup scene.”
-Jesmine Tan, Co-founder & COO, Applecrumby®

“While every leader brings something unique, women founders often weave care and empathy into the fabric of their businesses. This fosters a collaborative spirit, attracts diverse talent, and ultimately, fuels a powerful force for good in the world.”
-Hasmik Ter-Grigoryan,Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, LiveBoard

“We're World building whether it's your personal, startup or career World. And I'll always treat World building as a truth seeking journey, everything is a clue and everyone is your teacher, and if you are open to effort learning, from the obstacles & mistakes as much as from the wins..then the truth will not be withheld from you.”
-Charlotte Joy Trudgill, Founder, CoTeach

“I grew up in a Korean immigrant family where both my parents worked and shared the load. My dad tied my hair each morning and took me to dance class. My mom helped me with math homework and encouraged me to learn coding. As a result, I believed that there were no limits to what women were capable of. It wasn’t until later in life that I learned there indeed can be limits - systemic and structural ones. Today, less than 3% of venture capital funding goes to female-founded startups. Less than 5% of venture firms are led by women. That’s why I am so proud that [40%] of 500 Global’s partners and leadership team are women and that we have invested in many amazing female-founded companies.” 
-Christine Tsai, Founding Partner & CEO, 500 Global

“I feel so privileged to be surrounded by inspiring women: my mother, my sister, my colleagues and our portfolio companies. They inspire me everyday to break the glass ceilings. Note to self and dear fellow woman, EVERYTHING is possible.”
-Bedy Yang, Managing Partner, 500 Global

“Diversity of thought is one of the most valuable assets you can have as an investor. It opens your mind to investing in outlier founders who essentially drive venture capital returns. Having a diverse investment team is definitely one of our superpowers at 500; it's what gives us a unique point of view to back the best founders on a global scale.”
-Regina Zurutuza, Partner, 500 Global


500 Global Team

500 Global Team