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500 LatAm Welcomes Batch 19 Startups to its Somos Lucha Program

Meet the 12 companies we selected to be part of our “Somos Lucha” program.

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Jose Herrarte

Jose Herrarte

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Our mission at 500 LatAm is to help the most talented Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in Latin America build successful companies. To achieve this, we support founders from all corners of the region to have greater opportunities for success with our muscle: community, capital and know-how.

A month ago, we had the opportunity to meet in person with our community of founders, mentors and allies within the venture ecosystem at the second edition of the 500 LatAm Founder Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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During 4 days, more than 170 attendees showed us how incredible and powerful the family of 500 is in Latin America. We had a complete program of activities for founders, which included networking spaces, sessions on fundraising, expansion, leadership, mental health and cultural activities from Oaxaca.

Although the current macroeconomic environment has been challenging, holding this event for the second consecutive year reaffirms our commitment to developing more avenues in which the Latin American startup founders can make connections and exchange ideas, challenges and learnings.

The entrepreneurs of Latin America have demonstrated that they are capable of building tech products that add value to users, thanks to a resilient attitude and a strong focus on solving latent problems in our region. Therefore, we are excited to present the 12 companies that make up the new batch 19 of our program: Somos Lucha.

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In each call, the process is very competitive. We received thousands of applications, from which we selected only 12 companies that are in multiple industries such as FinTech, AgTech, Developer Tools, HealthTech, AdTech, SME Solutions, FoodTech and HRTech. Batch 19 is made up of startups from Mexico (6), Colombia (5) and Chile (1).

Along with an opportunity to receive an investment, comes a commitment from our team to accompany each founder in multiple areas, including legal, sales, growth, corporate culture, capital raising, among others. According to the needs of each company, we assign a member of the investment team as its Point of Contact, we have spaces for conversation and inspiration with expert guests and we connect them with relevant actors in our network so that they can provide valuable advice  to their companies.

The program began on July 24, 2023, for 16 weeks we focus on sharing practical content to:

  • Build the company's growth foundations.
  • Professionalize founders as leaders.
  • Support them with business development.
  • Connect them with mentors,founders, and members of the venture ecosystem.
  • Prepare them for their capital raising process.

“Somos Lucha” is only the beginning of our relationship with the companies. Demo Day will be held November 16, 2023, where the founders will present their startups to the attendees showcasing their journey in the program. At the conclusion of the program, we remain partners with each company and will continue to provide valuable insight during the next stages of business.

Here are Batch 19 companies:

  • AgroMatch (Chile): Platform that offers farmers in Latin America flexible solutions to purchase or lease agricultural equipment.
  • Apparta (Colombia): Booking platform that allows restaurants to make use of their empty tables by offering them different benefits tailored to their needs.
  • Code Report (México): The Al-powered platform for screening tech positions at scale.
  • Conteller (México): Platform that allows brands to publish media briefs, capture, store and pay authentic content straight from their own customers and non-famous creators.
  • ​​Dora (Colombia): Tenant scoring & smart rental lease-bound for the LatAm real estate market, automating the rental payment process.
  • Healf (México): Financial service that simplifies and advances medical expense reimbursements for patients, health providers and insurance companies.
  • Prelu (México): Clinically assisted, personalized weight loss program with a comprehensive approach including medical care, specialized nutrition and fitness coaching, built around next generation medications and an online digital experience.
  • RUUT (México): User-friendly investment platform in Mexico, transforming how Mexicans invest for the first time with one click in tailor-made portfolios through a simple user experience.
  • Uncodie (México): Platform that transforms UI/UX designs into high-quality web applications, enhancing development teams' efficiency.
  • WeiBook (Colombia): Operational and financial management app for beauty businesses in Latin America.
  • Wihom (Colombia): An automation platform for e-commerce that synchronizes transactions and eliminates the need for manual reconciliation in accounting software.
  • Ziro (Colombia): B2B BNPL platform that provides financing to small stores for inventory purchases through an omnichannel solution


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Jose Herrarte

Jose Herrarte

LatAm Content Producer

Apprentice of creative processes and human communication. +7 years in entrepreneurship and marketing. Responsible for the presence in LatAm of 500 brand through relevant content.